Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Ayatollah Sayyed Kamal al-Haydari

(May Allah -swt- prolong his life)


Every day, we receive many messages by E-mail regarding His Eminence Sayyid Kamal Alhaydari about: is it permissible to imitate him? and about his Thesis, and many questions about how to deliver a legal rights and many similar questions in this context.
And because of the large number of those questions, we decided to create a special page on these topics. We hope from all the visitors to check the questions before sending any questions related to these topics. And we apologize that we are not ready to answer this kind of questions for the same mentioned reason.

  • His Eminence Sayyid Kamal Alhaydari is a religious authority, and may refer to him in the general religious knowledge, as well as issues of Halal and Al-Haram.
  • His Eminence Sayyid Kamal Alhaydari required us to imitate the: More knowledgeable and more capable and more efficient, then we will cite the full explanation of these items in a subsequent points.
  • His Eminence Sayiid Kamal Alhaydari has a special conditions in the imitations, and one of these conditions is must to imitate the, more knowledgeable and more capable and more efficient.

We mean by the most knowledgeable is the one who can extract in all religious knowledge, especially in issues of halal and Al-haramm, and in doctrinal and practical issues, including the Fundamentals and branches, especially the item that is known in Hawza in (jurisprudence), and this is the absolute Mujtahid who may imitate him, as it shown in the following verse.
The most capable is the one who is able to manage the affairs of his imitators and be able to answer their questions and follow-up their affairs in all conditions. This is indicated in Hadith of Ahlul Bayt (A.S) by saying :(The scholars of my nation are stable in the gaps that are located in front of the Satan and his demons to prevent them from entering inside the weak of our Shia), and this stationed will not be achieved unless the religious authority has the ability to preserve the religion and Doctrine.